Special Robot

by Mitchell Thompson

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This album is a Space Rock Opera based on a dinner plate I made at the age of 4, which also acts as the album cover. In high school, around 2004, I wrote a whole story around the plate and turned it into a political satire space rock opera. Below is a summary of the story:

The story begins in the not so distant future, when a black hole threatens to engulf planet Earth. Our only hope is to shoot a specially made robot into the heart of the black hole, and implode it from within. Luckily the robot, code-named Special Robot, was able to close the life threatening black hole at the cost of his own electronic life. This selfless sacrifice led to the creation of a new religion, with Special Robot placed as its focus/messiah.

Two thousand years later, the Second Universal War, or Tripple-U-II, has just broken loose between the Earthlings and the Muslimites, a cyborg planet with a core of robot-made plutonium that has been a prize sought after by many, many planets. Earth decides to ask for assistance from the Buddhists, the people of a planet who worship the comet Buddha because when it crashed into their planet it shifted their orbit farther from the sun, greatly improving its ability to grow crops. Earth is not on the best of terms with the Buddhists, after a double cross during the First Universal War, but the Buddhist’s hate for the Muslimites proves to be much stronger so they agree to side with Earth and supply them munitions.

We follow our young war hero, Mr. Away, as he decides to leave his small hometown and do his part to defend his planet up in space. As he flies into the first battle he is able to witness the massacre on both sides, watching his friends be destroyed alongside his enemies in an equally strengthened slaughter. Fear sets in as he quickly flies away, retreating to safety. He hitches a ride back to Earth on a Wasteship only to find when he returns that a sneak attack by the Buddhists has left his planet completely destroyed. All of his family and friends are dead. While searching through the wreckage he finds one survivor, his fiancé Suzy, who has gone completely insane and mute from witnessing the secret attack. Away’s bottled up emotions clashes with the frustration of trying to bring Suzy back to him and leads to him murdering her in a black out of rage.

Meanwhile, up in space, at the battlefield, the two thousand year old black hole reopens, proving to be an Einstein-Rosen Bridge to the future. The ticking time bomb, codenamed Special Robot, emerges to deliver one final speech before its programmed implosion. Special Robot declares that the universe has become a travesty of war and hate, and because of this the universe must restart anew with two specially chosen people. Then Special Robot implodes into himself, which sparks a series of explosions in the surrounding ships, creating a giant destructive burst of white light that engulfs the entire universe.

Unfortunately for the universe, the chosen two people were Away and Suzy. Since Suzy has been murdered by Away, Away is left alone in the universe to wander looking for someone, anyone, to recreate the universe with, but there is no one there.

Watch the official music videos for these tracks here: www.youtube.com/channel/UCWB_xG-hMbJUB_0ZEV3Kctw


released September 9, 2015

All instruments and vocals are written and performed by Mitchell Thompson (Except for the drums on track 1 by John Watson: www.youtube.com/channel/UCsWgnNRAiksX5gMPJ-V4qMQ )



all rights reserved


Mitchell Thompson San Francisco, California

Solo artist/songwriter, working on various forms of rock and folk, mainly in the form of concept albums.

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Track Name: Special Robot
Special Robot made with no soul,
Built by man to close a black hole,
Programmed to implode once inside,
His success meant that he had died,

We shut you out for all mankind,
We shut you out just in time,

He was seen as a holy lord,
With his death our lives were restored,
Shrines and churches built in his name,
Sacrifice brought him mounds of fame,

We shut you out for all mankind,
We shut you out for peace of mind
Track Name: Igloo Home
Whatever I feel, whatever is said,
Whatever is real, whatever is dead,
The colors inside, they paint up my brain,
And try not to hide that I am insane,
I made up the truth, it's all just a lie,
And then I would lay 15 miles wide,
The walls they will melt because of the sun,
The workers they built my igloo for one good reason,
I know, It's just such a pain,
My city won't snow, my city won't rain,

Igloo home (X4)

If I was going to join a gang,
I'd have to give up my yin and yang,
Committing hate crimes it ain't my style,
But vandalism is all the wild,
Tagging my name on random walls,
Writing weird crap on bathroom stalls,
For a good time please call my friends,
At "1-800-4-VIRGINS,"
I'm a good kid, I cannot leave,
My small hometown, my record sleeves,
My painted walls in my own igloo,
A sleek and modern greenish-blue,
Someday I know my home will flood,
With mineral water and iron blood,
A baptism of what is me,
To help me prepare my eulogy,
If you don't hear a word I sing,
My thoughts are only wondering,
The point I made is already dead,
Whatever is real, whatever I said
Track Name: U.P.U.P. and Away
2,000 years have passed,
Now the war is here at last,
Between the Earthling and the Muslimite,
Planet Muslim has fulfilled,
All they were destined to build,
Giant robots with their mega-bites,

And you had to call them in,
So the fighting could begin,
Yeah we could have changed our destinies,
Just said please go home

Cause up in space the battle will take place,
The final war is knocking at our door,
Cause up in space we look like a disgrace,
Cause all we ever want is more,

I don't want to be harassed,
Now my time is here at last,
To stand up and fight for my home,
Leave this boring place behind,
Stick my neck out for mankind,
I don't want to be left all alone,

So I had to walk right in,
So my service could begin,
Yeah I could have changed my destiny,
Never leave my home,

Cause up in space my destiny takes place,
The final war is knocking at our door,
From up in space this world is such a big disgrace,
But I believe in something more,

Cause up in space the battle will take place,
The final war is knocking at our door,
From up in space this world is such a big disgrace,
Cause all we ever want is more
Track Name: Building An Army (Muslimites Unite)
We will not fall,
Kill large and small,
Burn all we see,
Just to stay free,
We will rise,
Work to save,
All we praise,
We will not fall,
We still stand tall,
Freedom for all,
Freedom for all
Track Name: History Lesson
This is a song, yes it's a song about the Buddhist Clan,
Listen you'll hear the truth, yes the whole truth then you'll understand,
Why we depended on them as our allies till the end,
And why they are no longer one of Earth's respected friends,

They worshiped a small comet named by some dumb scientist,
Its name was Buddha and thanks to it they could all exist,
It hit their home shifting them from their sun,
So their crops could grow and they could help the Earth win the War,
(But there was more in store)

Then from the dust arose Cyborg the Great,
Programmed to seek out and eliminate,
The buddhists stood up, it was time to defend,
They blew up Cybord and killed all of his men,

Earth became scared of their new friends who murdered with such ease,
They rendezvoused with attitude to pack it up and leave,
When they got to their ships, they found they'd all had been destroyed,
By those damn Buddhists who were growing ever more annoyed,
(Earth wasn't doing its part)

We offered them our gifts of gold, plutonium, and myrrh,
But the Buddhists wanted a little bit more in return,
Our presence soiled their sacred land,
And we were next to be murdered by their hand,
(And also their teeth and claws and guns)

Then from the grave arose Cyborg the Great,
Programmed to re-spawn and annihilate,
Just as before the Buddhists stood up to fight,
But this time around something just wasn't right,

We left them there to fight the dead,
Without a care inside our heads,
It was a slaughter in the end,
They lost a vast amount of men,
And now is the moment that we dread,
We need their help in fights ahead,
Ask for supplies that they can lend,
Ask them to be our allied friends
Track Name: Treaty
Now is the time to strike a deal with you,
Yes you, our allies,
We need ammo and we need weapons too,
It's true or we'll die,

Just one more favor now,
Then we will defend your town,
Let's just forget the past,
And finally shake hands,

Hopelessly distressed,
Not making progress,
Yes we are going to lose,
You give us supplies,
We'll do all the rest,
But it's up to you to choose,

Just one more favor now,
Then we will defend your town,
Let's just forget the past,
And finally shake hands,

Okay, it's a deal,
Alright, it's agree,
You tell us how you feel,
And write out just what you need,

We have ammo now,
We have weapons too,
Oh, thanks to you our friends,
You guys did your part,
Now we'll do ours too,
We'll fight until the end,
(What a very good place to end)

Yes no more favors now,
Now we will defend your town,
Let's make this treaty last,
And go kick some ass
Track Name: Captain's Song (Words of Wisdom)
There once was a man who lived out at sea,
And nobody questioned why,
He lived all alone, the ship was his home,
The fish were in rampant supply,
And then one day the albatross came,
Gave the sailor his gold, just gave it away.
When he reached the bank,
The ship finally sank from the weight,

There once was a man who lived on the land,
He never quite learned how to swim,
The fish they would laugh as they scuttled past,
And show off to make fun of him,
And then one day the ocean bed caved,
And the fish they all died and whirled far away,
But the man felt their pain,
As he wished for the rain to refill the ocean,

There once were two men who never quite met,
But they changed each other's lives,
The lesson is this: both extremes exist,
And they make each other die,

Because one day:

(The sailor he prayed with the fish all gone,
He had nothing to eat,
So he ate the albatross,
And sadly accepted defeat)
(He died inside, And lost his pride)

(The guilt made him pay,
And the man on the land,
He got out his knife
Couldn't take the pain,
But he could take his own life)
(Out with the tide, Suicide)
Track Name: To The Battle
Track Name: Shoot For The Stars
We’re flying in, ships sailing high,
Ready to win, ready to try,
Those Muslimites meet us halfway,
Prepared to fight in full array,

Aim high, shoot for the stars,
Aim high, shoot for the stars,
Aim high, shoot for the stars,
Aim high, aim high, blow their shit up,

Right to my left, my friend’s shot down,
I’m so bereft, yet so profound,
I feel the pain of massacre,
Life in the fast lane is all a blur,


It’s just too much, I need relief,
Such violent touch, no sign of peace,
I’m flying out deserting all,
I scream and shout, I cry and crawl,
Call me amiss, call me afraid,
But I won’t fight this useless crusade,

(Alternate Chorus)
Goodbye, run for the stars,
Don’t die, run for the stars,
Goodbye, run for the stars,
Goodbye, don’t die,
Get the hell out, get the hell out, get the hell out
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Welcome Aboard (A Song For The Stowaway)
O Lord come on aboard my ship my son,
Tell me what is it you are running from,
There's no need to sneak around
You have an open spot on my ship anytime,

Hitchhiker speak the story of your years,
It seems that you've come from the war's frontier,
You've run away filled with dismay,
I have advice that should make everything fine,

Just go on home where you belong,
I can't believe you've been away this long,
Everyone's got someone that they can depend on,
And making them wait for you is just wrong,

Something about you seems to be profound,
Seems as if to all mankind you are bound,
It's as if fate's made us shipmates,
Powers above have made you so divine,

Track Name: Welcome Home (A Song For The Survivor)
I come back and what do I find,
No longer a home, no longer what's mine,
Left alone in the ashes to grieve (Crying over litter, Crying over litter)
My hometown's crumbled to dirt,
No friends, no foes, just hurt,
Oh why did I ever leave,

And on the outskirts of town,
We would drink lemonade for a nickel,
You've been around,
You've seen the damage as it's done,
Hear that sound,
I don't need another version now,
Here on the outskirts of town,

Up in the hills a familiar face,
Her picture got me through the days,
The long days stranded out at war,
Suzy, Suzy, it's me, it's me,
I'm finally home but home isn't here anymore,
Suzy, please don't run away,
Suzy, I'm here to stay,
Don't you know me? Don't you know me?


(Don't you remember me,
Look deep inside, try hard to see,
You were the one,
You were my one and only one,
Hear my voice,
I don't think you have any other choice,
This was our home, this was our town)

(Suzy please, Suzy it's me, Suzy it's me)
Track Name: Crazed
Oh my, I can't take,
The way you stare at me,
Your face I'll break,
Just try it, you'll see,

You were my own,
Take you home,
You were my own,

Oh how you'll laugh,
"Ha, Ha, Ha," you'll say to me,
When you flash back,
To our days of unity,

You were my own,
Take you home,
You were my own,

Hey girl,
There's no telling what I'll do,
To make you see through,
Drag you through places that we once knew,
To help (make) you remember.
Say my name, I am going insane,
To make you do things I want you to,
I can't even look at you,
No telling what I'll do,
You will die, you will die, you will die,

You were mankind's last hope of returning,
But when you die the world will stop turning,

You were my own,
Take you home,
You were my own
Track Name: The Sound of Death
Track Name: Say Goodnight
2,000 years have just rolled by,
Felt like a matter of seconds,
It's strange how a black hole makes time fly,
Warping you to a new universe,
I am the one Special Robot,
Sent from the heavens far above,
Am bring a message of Deep Thought,
Telling you all that the end has come,

So hard we've worked to be on top,
Just to be trumped out in the end,
Even together we can't stop,
Anything the universe will send,

You have returned great messiah,
Only to bring us such sad news,
Is there nothing we can try,
A way for the universe to renew,

Be prepared to say goodnight,
For everyone shall die,
Except for two, the chosen,
Who will recreate all life,

Help us to be more like you,
So we won't have to die,
Why do I fear what's drawing near?
A giant burst of light,
Track Name: In Universal News Today
In universal news today,
We're putting off the war to say,
That something strange will come our way,
From around the planet Earth,

Reports have shown that there's a burst of white,
Coming from a burst of black,
Tell me what is worse than that?
Tell me what is worse than that?

In Holy documents we've read,
Proclamations inside said,
Soon the Universe will be dead,
Except for one man and woman,
Signs include a burst of white,
Coming from a burst of black,
Tell me what is worse than that?
Tell me what is worse than that?

Here inside the studio,
We can see the eerie glow,
What it is we still don't know,
But we will soon find out,
It sure seems to be growing fast,
Destroying all that's in its path,
Tell me what is worse than that?
Tell me what is worse than tha---
Track Name: So Long... I'm Flying Solo From Here
I can't express the pain I feel,
Inside my chest, this can't be real,
I tremble hard, thinking out loud,
With no regard for those around,
No one's around,

I do not know why I deserve,
To be alone in this universe,
So desolate, so cold and white,
I'm not upset, but I'm not alright,

Cause everyone's gone, torn apart,
The universe has to restart,
But who's in charge, no one's here but me,
Left alone for all eternity,

I've walked for days trying to find,
Somebody's gaze to ease my mind,
And yet alas, there's nothing here,
No sky, no grass, there's only fear,


So long, solo,
Here I am all alone,
So long, solo,
Flying solo for the rest of my days,
The world is gone and I am here without a single friend,
So long, solo,
One more lonely stretch of road till the end