I Think I'm Going Crazy

by Mitchell Thompson

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I Think I'm Going Crazy acts as a musical description and interpretation of hallucinations I experienced due to a 105 degree fever and a colossal cocktail of over-the-counter medicines.


released March 19, 2017



all rights reserved


Mitchell Thompson San Francisco, California

Solo artist/songwriter, working on various forms of rock and folk, mainly in the form of concept albums.

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Track Name: Overture
It's 105 degrees in my mind!
Track Name: Keep Spinning
Soaked in cologne, I am sleeping alone,
It’s dividing my life into beats,
There is a ghost, he's keeping me up on my toes,
My eyes bleed as I watch sweat drip down my sheets,

And I give my soul away to the black and gold,
It’s my small role inside this hysterical world,
Divide, my mind is making minds that are not mine,
Outside, the world keeps spinning on out in time

Cracking my teeth on the bars underneath,
Of the bed that I sadly call my home,
It hurts to speak, and yet I babble like a freak,
Yelling fables out in languages unknown,

And I gave my soul away to the black and the gold,
Still eyes watch close as I pile weight by the door,
Divide, my mind has made its mind up to be fine,
Outside, we all keep spinning on out in time,
Track Name: It's Raining Indoors
Please let it rain, please let it bubble like champagne,
To cleanse me off and cool my fevered brow,
The wall’s a bluish white, it is the color of the night,
And I can’t take my gaze away for now,

Turn the water high, trickle down my thigh

Help me climb, help me stand high,
Help me climb, help me to hide, (help me to die)

The ceiling drips just like the leak inside a ship
I cannot breath, I’m sinking to the floor,
I finally slip, raise to the sky my fingertips,
The only sound I hear is the front door,


I’ve seen hello, I’ve seen goodbye,
I’ve seen the low, I’ve seen the high,
I’ve seen below, I’ve seen the sky,
I’ve seen you grow, I’ve seen you die
Track Name: Silent Stranger
Sleep, my pet, sleep,
Till this all boils over,
Your head needs to rest,
It’s as hot as a stove,
For the last time you stood up,
Your dinner came with you-
Should stop trying to make this
So hard to get through to you now,

Why are you sitting
So silently watching me
Cry for the same thing
I’ve cried about for so damn long-
Ago I gave up hoping to stay how I was-
N’t it you who controlled how my
Body would move to send signals to prove
That my mind’s dull
Track Name: Take Your Time
Here I sit so patiently,
Hoping you will talk to me,
About what’s wrong,
The heavy cloud,
That came along with
All our vows of love,
It’s raining down,
Dressed in jeans we sit in shame,
Side by side we play these games,
Where no one speaks,
No not a word,
Will ever sneak out to be heard out loud,

Take your time, one, two, three,
Help me build up the industry,
I can’t sleep a single wink,
With this heavy heart I hold,
It’s you I love, it’s you I need,
It’s you who makes my body bleed,
It’s you who makes my paltry little house become a home,

All night long you talk to me,
About your troubled family,
And all the ways you tried to add,
A little taste of dear old dad to me,
(And I smile anyway)
Just one more sip, my coffee cup,
I’m so damn tired I can’t stand up,
And as you lay me down to sleep,
I pray, the lord, my soul won’t be reaped out,

Take you time, one, two, three,
One more morning is all I plea,
And as I sleep you come to me all dressed in red and white,
You hand to me a bag of seeds,
That must be sown to replace our greed,
Take my hand and lead me till our home is back in sight,

Here I sit straight up in bed,
I gently kiss you on the head,
To wake you up and have you drink,
My favorite cup of coffee, sink back down the bed,
Through the good, and through the bad,
Side be side we’re all we have,
And we will grow as tall as trees,
And shadow all the days when we were sad,
Track Name: Conversation Piece
Oh no, I’m not ready to get my feet wet just yet it seems,
I’m too busy taking time out to interpret these dreams,
But don’t listen too close, this is a conversation piece at most,
So talk amongst yourselves while I ramble on and on,

Watch and stand closely behind,
There is such a thing as getting lost in another’s mind,
Grab onto my arm as I lead you inside,
Where the darker it gets the harder it is to hide,

Why did nobody notice did nobody try,
To divide from the same old emotion the same trying line?
And how did everyone sink so far down in the sand?
Now no one is left at the top to reach out for our hands,

Something tells me by the look in your eye that you’re not listening, why?
When I’ve done everything I can, bend backwards and stand on my hands for hours and hours,
Drinking wine and taking cold showers,
Do you see the moon? No it can’t be seen tonight,
Too many clouds, too little light,
Yet still the stars sit so small and clear,
Like the sky is a sea filled with garbage and I’m the gondolier,

Time, E, P, and R might have finally got it right,
When they say that it doesn’t really matter what day, it doesn’t really matter what night,
This fourth dimension can’t just be a line as in our minds,
That’s the only hope that I have for us all, all mankind,

Why did nobody notice that man had made time?
It’s a leash that we wear, a circle or square, depending on your design,
And how did everyone stick themselves down on this path?
We keep building up more, score after score, never free from circuitous math,
Track Name: Conculco
It’s so hard when she doesn’t notice you,
Say her name the way god intended to,
Have it proclaimed to the sky, to the hills,
To the few who deserve to even hear the name debut,
No one sees the way that you look at her,
Guarantees that you’ll never be deterred,
From this disease of obvious obsession for,
Keeping your feelings locked away for good,
It’s really quite sad,

You take it in deep and hold it inside,
Notice me, notice me, notice me, notice me,
You think you’re a creep, yet you feel so alive,
I am free, I’m not free, guarantee, disagree,
You just want to weep, you yearn for a cry,
Perfectly, meant to be, why won’t she, notice me,
And while you’re asleep, your thoughts all collide, (2nd chorus: your mind will divide)
(Something is wrong with me, something is wrong with me)
(Nothing is wrong with me, Nothing is wrong with me)

Don’t let this grow, Just let her know,

Troubled still, you’re refusing to display,
How you feel as if your whole chest decayed,
That tiny chill that shocks with the lightest graze,
Of her skin touching yours,


It’s all the same, what’s in a name?

Feeling green, your head starts to hurt again,
That same routine, conveys you can’t comprehend,
The age nineteen is only the base of the bend,
Why even race to the top?

Shift into gear, I swallow my fear,
Yet I say sincere, just don’t disappear,
Track Name: The Division
Headache splitting right through me,
I feel a fault dividing up my brain,
Awake, something is being born unto all the world,
To take control and hold unholy reign,

And you will be the one who saves us,
Despite your recent failures,
It’s true you see the son forgave us,
For keeping him in jail,
And you will come undone before us,
Tonight he pulls the thread,
Review what you’ve become and cry for us,
He chooses us instead,

Oh god, what have I created?
So strong it stands, the other half of me,
Unite, don’t act so jaded,
Freedom comes to those who can agree,

But you must be the one who saves us,
There’s just no other way,
It’s true you see no one can blame us,
For needing to obey,

I can only take so much enforced responsibility,
Before I start to crack again from all the pressure dealt to me,
So bring along the masking tape and pack some extra super glue,
I need to be repaired or there is nothing I can do for you,
So one more time explain again why you can’t do this on your own,
I’m really doing all I can to let my conscience grow atoned,
To drown the guilt I feel because my other half sits on his thrown,

We just can’t watch as he takes control,
We just can’t extol,
That side of my soul,

Beware a mind divided,
It takes a frightening form bottled away,
Please share all that you are hiding,
The silver son and sin, in this we pray,

That you will be the one who saves us,
And save himself as well,
It’s true that it’s the son who craves us,
And needs us to rebel,


I’ve locked myself away in this room,
This raided out tomb,
Where he was exhumed,
Here both halves consumed,
Back into the womb,
Track Name: Akin With Mold
Take this laughter away,
It doesn't fit the mood that's on display,
And my mind's in dismay
I'm hallucinating more decay,
Crammed in this room it's so cold,
All the walls stand tall akin with mold,
Gracefully grown from below,
Tiny blades of grass poke through my floor,

Ooo it feels so sweet,
poking wet and welcomed on my feet,
Who will reap this wheat,
who will sweat to succumb to this heat.
Ow, my joints still ache,
They get worse with every step I take,
How did I mistake,
This sleeping world as me awake?

Why can't I get out,
So much junk has piled up my route,
And with each punch and clout,
My mind fills up a little more with doubt,
Did I do this alone?
Did I deter to sink these stepping stones?
And my weakness has shown,
I'm this afraid of facing the unknown,

Sleep is hard when I roll and I roll
Despondency keeps me moving,
Maimed and marred, no I cannot control,
a single cell inside my form,
All this time you just smile and laugh,
You watch as I reel in pain,
One handed I reach for your calf,
But you manage to stay out of reach,

Low, I cannot leave my home,
I cannot leave it, no
I can't believe it no, I'm too comfortable,
So, I forced myself to grow,
And may the fact be known,
That I'm too comfortable,

These are urges you must fight, forlorn
For you will not escape tonight, We mourn,
The fact that you keep trying to right this wrong,
That caused your being to insight this song,
Track Name: Good Morning, Good Mourning
Morning, Morning,
It’s time to open your eyes,
Time for hellos and goodbyes,
Morning, Morning,
Your time to change,
Time to exchange,
One mind for more,
Glorious shore,

Journey into the unknown,
I didn’t want to leave this home,
Too many hours wasted roaming round the city streets outside,
I tried my best to sleep right through,
All of the pain that would unglue,
Everything I thought I knew about the world where I reside,
I’m not the same machine, I’m not the same machine,
I’m not the same machine that I was before,

It’s morning, and I’m waking to the color blue,
I’m trying to make my mind review all the dreams I had last night,
The glory of the visions floating in my head,
I think I’ll take a shower instead, and try to wash away my fright,

Everyday I feel the same,
Still there’s no one I can blame,
For the way my life became a long and winded chore,
I look forward to my dreams,
Where the world around me seems,
To keep raising my esteem and altering my core,
I’m not the same machine, I’m not the same machine,
I’m not the same machine that I was before,

Now that I’m awake again I’m looking at the door,
I draw a blank on what I did the night before,
A barricade has blocked the way between me and the world,
I built it in my sleep before more could unfurl,
I’m taking in the deepest breath, and holding it inside
I’m taking each and every day I live in stride,
With so many possibilities left to explore,
I know I’m not the same machine I was before,